Marisa - Virtual Receptionist

Receptionist & Administrative Services


Appointments are booked by telephone & email. You will always have a receptionist there to answer any business-related inquiries during office hours. 

We offer personalized service. We get to know your business to give the absolute best experience for you and your clients. Our focus is on clear, concise & professional communication.

Administrative Tasks

Receive assistance with your administrative tasks without having to hire a full-time or even part-time employee. Only pay per task. Tasks vary widely, they can be ongoing tasks or a single task at a time.

Steps To Begin Service:

For Receptionist Services

1.  Make an appointment to be connected to a receptionist

2. Connect your number to our network

3. Add your new receptionist as an administrator on your scheduling app or set up a new scheduling app with your receptionist. 

4. Set up an email account for client inquiry purposes.

5. Begin service 

For Administration Services

1. Give the details of the task to your receptionist, include a reasonable deadline

2. When your receptionist approves the task, work begins.

*  Administrative services are only available in conjunction with Receptionist Services.

* All tasks pend approval of your receptionist. Receptionists reserve the right to decline a task if it's not within their scope of abilities. Ask your receptionist for more details.

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