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Receptionist & Administrative Services

Book your appointments by telephone & email and answer any business-related inquiries. Get a receptionist at full-time hours but pay only for the volume of work acquired during that time. This means you save money during the times you aren't receiving inquiries or bookings.

I offer personalized service. I get to know your business to give the absolute best experience for you and your clients. I focus on clear, concise & professional communication. If you are interested in this service call today to book a meeting where we can discuss your needs & get a quote.

All administrative tasks are charge by each task assigned and the amount of time it takes to complete, or a processing fee. That means you can receive assistance with your administrative tasks without having to hire a full-time or even part-time employee. Only pay per task. 

How To Begin

1. Book an appointment to discuss your needs & get a quote.

2. Connect your telephone number to our network or receive a new local or toll-free number to begin the service

3. You receive daily, weekly, or monthly progress reports

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